๐ŸŽฎCoke of Duty: Fuel Your Future

An Overview of Our Game

The ElonCoke P2E game, Coke of Duty, comes in the form of a first-person shooter battle royal and hopes to bring a sense of nostalgic excitement to players as they play to earn BNB. The gameplay, along with some of the design, was influenced by popular titles such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Those being two of the most popular gaming franchises in shooter history, we thought they would be perfect to emulate as we can hone the addictive nature those titles have used to captivate their audience throughout the years.

Players in our game will compete to be the last one standing using various resources found around the map to help them along the way. For an added advantage, players can use ElonCoke tokens to purchase upgrades, subsequently burning any tokens spent.

The team chose to reward players in BNB opposed to our native token as any sell off of rewards will not affect the chart. Further, as with most titles, players can purchase in game currency, simply by buying and holding ElonCoke in their wallet. However, unlike those titles, everything the player earns by playing (BNB) can be sold for fiat.

For those unfamiliar with battle royal, upon entering a match, you and every other player in the server will parachute into our ElonCoke branded city. Once on the ground, you will scavenge through the map in hopes of finding resources (e.g. Weapons, Health-packs, Shields) to utilize as you fight for survival.

The ElonCoke team will be hosting a tournament to commemorate the release of the game. Winners will receive rewards in BNB. Further details on the tournament will be revealed in the ElonCoke TG and subsequently updated in this section.

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